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Caricature of Mark Nilsen by Lewis

the man

... is New York City artist Mark Nilsen. He has a passion for the stone, steel and dirt that form the surface we walk on.

Get to know the artist Mark Nilsen and find out how he creates his visual art:

NYCSewer.com Mark Nilsen on the street

Meet the Artist - Mr. Nilsen

One July day last year Mark Nilsen was strolling through New York City and stumbled over a penny on the street... MORE»

by Ginger Deluca    Published: August, 2003

The New York Times Mark Nilsen in "The New York Times"

A Career in the Sewer

LIKE many street artists who sell either art or "art" outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Mark Nilsen is... MORE»

by Corey Kilgannon    Published: November 30, 2003

The caricature of Nilsen on the top is by Lewis.
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